122 Back-pack basket with sturdy shoulder straps and fiber cover over top and back. This is usually called an Ifugao hunter's basket. Such baskets were used by Ifugao men when journeying far from home. Philippine Basketry: an Appreciation, shows a similar basket in Plate 4-27. It is described as "Takba, the backpack basket favored by hunters, has a protective cover of tiered palm fibers that keeps both the hunter's shoulders and the basket's contents dry during a sudden rainfall. The fibers are knotted in layers on a flexible rattan shield". Basketry of the Luzon Cordillera, Philippines also shows an example in Catalogue Number 23. The complete back-pack with cape is 52 cm high and 40 cm wide, and the basket part is 27 x 16 cm wide and 28 cm high. Purchased in Banaue, Ifugao Province, in 1993.