125 Lunch basket with shoulder straps to carry it, plaited construction with a square base, round in the middle, and square again at the top of the lid that has braided ribbing on the top edges, 18 cm high, 18 x 16 cm wide, old and used, with a dark smoky patina. Such a lunch basket, called a Tupil, was used in the Sagada region near Bontoc to carry cooked rice or other food to the field. An unusually large tupil like this one was sometimes used to carry cooked rice and meat to celebrations such as weddings. Such baskets were made by the Tanulong and Fidelisan peoples of Northern Sagada, in Mountain Province. Purchased in Sagada in 1993. (Cf. Basketry of the Luzon Cordillera, Philippines, by the UCLA Fowler Museum, Catalog No. 11; also p. 45 for a description) Recently sold