128 Two silver and two brass earrings, all slightly different in design. The brass earrings have a deer head motive at upper corners. This type of ornament, with a closed C design, is called a Lingling-o, or a pinangpanga. Lingling-o, traditionally worn by the Igorot people of the Cordillera, are a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Ifugao artisans make them, and the Ifugao string them at the top and wear them as pendants. Their neighbors, the Bontoc, the Kalinga and the Gad-dang also wear them, but most often as earrings. These are probably from Bontoc region, and are all antique. (Cf. Casal, People and Art of the Philippines, p.242-244; also Baradas, Land of the Morning:Treasures of the Philippines, p.61, and Anderson, Indigenous Art of the Northern Philippines, fig. 562 and 563)