131 Ifugao headdress, with a rattan head band with coiled construction, 20 cm dia., and a wood figure of a squatting man, 14 cm high attached to the front, and two plumes of decorated feathers attached to the sides. This was used by a mumbaki, a local religious practitioner (shaman) at dances and ceremonies. Rudolf said this is an old headdress with an Ifugao carved figure, ca 1950. Registered as a Cultural Property by the National Museum of the Philippines, October 2003, with stamp 0084811, and estimated age ca 1970-80. (See Ellis, People and Art of Philippines, p. 241, for reference to a feathered headdress used by the Kalingas. Also see Anderson, Indigenous Art of the Northern Philippines, fig. 579 for another headdress with an anthropomorphic figure, that is described as a bridal headdress from Barlig, a small town in Mountain Province about 20 km NE of Banaue).