142 Tinguian blanket showing multiple small figures of horses with riders. Size is 206 cm long and 146 cm wide. The blanket is composed of three panels sewn together. Each panel was woven separately on a back strap loom with a supplementary weft technique for the figure designs in white on a red and blue background. From Tinguian (a.k.a. Itneg) ethnic group, Abra Province, northern Luzon. This blanket was used only for special ceremonies such as at funerals for display, but not as a shroud. For other examples and history see The Tinguian by Cole, 1922, p. 436 and plate 72; also The People and Art of the Philippines, by Casal et al, 1981, p.230-231; Fabric Treasures of the Philippines, 1989, p.15; and Anderson, Indigenous Art of the Northern Philippines, 2010, fig. 417)